A Saint in Action
To point to the way of Salvation,
To point to the way of the Lord.
To point out the meaning of Justice,
Contained in the Word of Our God.
To be in the world, but not of it,
To have love for the sinner, hate sin.
To love the Communist, but hate communism,
To run with the Spirit to win.
To pray for the hungry, then feed them,
To pray for the poor, and then give.
To pray for the sick, and then help them,
To pray for the dying to live.
To speak against Social Injustice,
To speak up for those with no choice.
To speak for the rights of the unborn to life,
The millions of babes with no voice.
To reach out to many with Kindness,
To reach the world with his wit.
To reach out and touch the untouchables,
To care not for money one bit.
To hunger for peace in the nations,
To hunger for graces unseen.
To hunger and thirst after righteousness,
God Love You Archbishop Sheen.
Copyright August 2006

Quo Vadis
"Quo vadis, Domine?"
St. Peter asked the Lord:
Archbishop Sheen reminded us
Of this prophetic word.
The Lord replied, "I'm going to Rome,
To pave the way for you.
For where thou goest in My Name,
There shall I go too!"
Many Easter days have dawned
Since Christ was crucified.
And many centuries have passed
Since the Apostles died.
But man forgets the reason
Why Jesus Christ was born.
The empty tomb was proof
Of that great resurrection morn.
For now He lives and loves us
As we scurry here and there.
And He vainly tries to guide us
When we neither see nor care.
"Quo vadis, O Quo vadis?"
He asks of us today.
And we reply, "We know not Lord,
For we have lost our way".