Friday, December 17, 2010


Dear fellow admirers of Archbishop Sheen,

One can only imagine what the impact that the recently unexplained medical phenomena if approved by the Vatican as attributed to the intercession of Archbishop Fulton J Sheen will have on America and as a consequence on the whole world. I know with my involvement in the work of the Society the influence that this man’s life and works are having here in Australia and in other places is immense; and we are only seeing what is touching the edges. I have always believed that Fulton J. Sheen will be recognized as one of the greatest influences the Church has had since Apostolic days; this is due in part to the advantages he had of most of the modern means of communication, but more so because of his Christ-like-ness in all he said and did.

The following quote from the opening sentence from his “Peace of Soul” book beautifully sums up what this man ofGod stood for and it is “Unless Souls are saved nothing is saved”. Please keep up your prayers for the successful outcome of Sheen’s cause because if ever the world needs a saint of his ilk it is now.For those of you who would like more information regarding the unexplained medical phenomena currently under investigation I encourage you to go to website love you, Martin Tobin, Chairman


Daniel and Martin Tobin commenced the formation of the Society in January 1999 and became an incorporated body in August 2000. Yolanda Nardizzi has subsequently become a founding member. All three founders are still actively involved in the Society.

Founders: Daniel and Martin Tobin

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